I Lost You At Six


Tree’s were magical places, that you not only climbed but captained your ship into the sunset. Clouds held the weight of the gods, their shape giving way to how they felt. Lightning was Zeus striking down on those who had broken their oath to honour their values. Pixies danced across the flowering meadows. Trolls lived in the storm water drains, and dragons were everywhere to fight. I loved...

A New chapter


It’s taken me sometime to settle into my new home, Thailand. It still seems somewhat surreal. While I desperately miss my kids, I don’t miss South Africa. I don’t mean that in a negative way. I have fond memories growing up there, and I miss my close friends of course. The truth is, for as long as I can remember, I never felt like I truly fitted in there. I am not sure if I will ever feel fully...

Breathing Into the Unknown


For most people the dark of night is a scary place. It’s a place of the unknown, of uncertainty. We evolved to take what is unknowable and make it knowable, that’s why having a source of light, a torch, a fire, eases that uncertainty, it eases our fear. Light makes what was once dark and unknowable, knowable. The truth is, that our greatest source of stress is the unknown. We all get stressed out...

From Here to There!


The Odyssey of Returning Home to Self As I sit here in the airport, waiting to board my flight to SE Asia, I find myself leaving my old life behind. I ll be honest, having to leave my sons in South Africa has been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. This alone has broken my heart. But there’s no choice (Read my piece: 6 Years of Depression to know why). I feel somewhat like...

When Your Life Comes Down to Two Boxes


I was talking to a friend the other day who has also gone through a divorce and we were joking that it all comes down to two boxes. It’s both funny and tragic. As I packed up all my belongings, sorted through what needed to be sorted through, gave what I no longer needed to charity, all that was staring back at me was two boxes. That’s it, twenty years of marriage, and a twenty-four year...



In the past few years, three people in my industry of martial arts (one of them I knew personally) have taken their own lives. If you listened to my friend talking on YouTube, you would say ‘this guy has it together.’ Clearly, he was hiding a dark truth. I start this article with this in mind, as I try to come to terms with my own inner struggles over the past several years.

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