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Throughout my childhood it felt like I was in a fight for my life. Brought up in government housing on the unforgiving streets on the south side of Johannesburg, South Africa — I learned early on that the only thing that mattered was how tough you were. But, I wasn’t a tough kid, consequently I was bullied severely at school, and had to have several different routes to avoid the neighborhood gangs just to get home safe.

Growing up, I often felt trapped in a really bad nightmare—and I wanted to wake up. I suffered from tremendous anxiety throughout my childhood. I was likely depressed several times as a teenager, but I didn’t know I was. Ending my life during this time was never far from my mind.

Things turned rough in my teens. My abusive, alcoholic mother kicked me out of the house at 17 and, as a result, I never finished high school. I found myself sleeping on the streets of Johannesburg with less than $20 in my pocket.

In the later years once I had tasted personal success I went back to school, putting myself through college. I did my undergraduate work in psychology, my Masters degree in Leading Innovation and Change, and my Doctorate in Mindful-Embodied Leadership.

I went on to develop successful martial arts programs that are now taught all over the world. I have coached everyone from housewives to Tier 1 military operators on how to win in life and death encounters. I have lectured, and presented at some of the worlds top companies, on topics ranging from mindfulness, inner success strategies, developing a personal security platform and the nature of ‘Embodied-Leadership’.

Then several years ago, after a series of misfortunes, I spiraled into a deep depression. At first I didn’t know I was depressed. I didn’t want to admit it to myself either (you can read more about this here). Depression is costly. It cost me in my personal life, and contributed to my divorce.

Once I finally had the courage, and got over my shame of struggling mentally as I had been, I sought professional help. Since November 2018 to date, I have been working to turn things around. After letting go of 20-years of marriage, and recovering from years of depression — I now find myself having to ‘find myself’.

This blog is about that search for my renewed meaning. I am currently a Professional Nomad. I am traveling the world coaching, sharing my knowledge, playing at martial arts, and learning to live again.

I hope this site will help you to if you are struggling, or simply give you some ideas on ways to fully live the good life.

Keep Safe!

Dr. Rodney King

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